About Us

About Us

New Mexico Rey LLC is owned and operated by Patricia (Trish) Torres- Ferrell and her son, Evan Ferrell


The Facts in a nutshell:

-The shutdowns due to the pandemic changed everything for most people in the world.

- Many close contact businesses were deemed “non-essential” by Governor MLG and NMDOH.

- Trish owns and operates Absolute Results (established in 1994) and specializes in Rehab Strength Training (a close contact service) and was deemed “non-Essential” and forced into a 100% shut down for three months, then allowed to open with restrictions for many months thereafter.

- Evan was working for a 40- year- old company when the state got shutdown, the company did not reopen they rather close their doors forever, so he lost his job and NM lost an iconic product in the blink of an eye “The Original Chili Pepper lights” became extinct!

- Having grown up in New Mexico, Trish LOVED Chili Pepper Lights and the thought of no more Chili lights ever again in the world along with the thought of Evan losing his job was super sad and Absolute Results being deemed “non-essential” after 25 years in business was just plain scary!

- After a whole lot of research, thought, consideration and prayer Trish and Evan decided to accept the challenge of keeping the NM tradition of Chile Pepper Lights alive! 

- The NM Rey Chile Pepper Cover is designed to fit most LED mini string lights and comes in all the traditional colors as well as in five all new colors.  NM Rey also offers NM and Southwest shaped cookie cutters and Handmade tin ornaments.

- Evan has his job back, NM Rey is an “essential business” and there are still Chile Lights in the world!



Shipping Policies

We usually ship within three days of order, depending on the size of the order, we will use the cheapest most reliable shipping service available.


NM Rey uses 100% recycled/repurposed packing and shipping materials, helps to keep costs down and helps the environment.